• Fundraising
  • Additional funds are raised by the boys through various fundraising activities. The Troop plans to do at least two to three (2-3), possibly more, major fundraising projects a year depending on the yearly planned Troop activities. All fundraising profits, unless stated otherwise, with the exception of the Giant Card fundraiser, will be split 60/40. The percentage is subject to change depending on troop needs and is reviewed periodically. Sixty percent (60%) of funds raised by your son will go into his Scout Service Account to defray scouting costs. One hundred percent (100%) of the Giant Card fundraiser will go into the Scout’s Service Account of those who participate. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the other fundraiser profits will go into the Troop account. Details on this year’s fundraisers will be available at future Troop meetings.

  • Scout Service Accounts
  • This account can be used to pay for yearly dues, Boy Scout khaki shirt (Class A), and all scout related outings (trips, campouts, Summer Camp). A receipt must be presented to the Troop for reimbursement. If the scout transfers to another Troop, the money in his account can only be transferred directly to the other Troop. This must be done within 60 days of official transfer date from council. See detailed Scout Service Account Form that was given upon joining Boy Scout Troop 82 for reference. This account does not belong directly to the individual scouts. It is instead for the use of the scouts while in Troop 82. If the scout quits, this money will transfer to the Troop general account unless a sibling remains in the trop. In that case, the remaining sibling may absorb those funds into his SSA. This also applies to a scout who remains after a sibling advances/ages out. An adult leader will need to be active for at least half of the events in order to use the SSA. A scout or adult will be considered inactive after 90 days. After that point, any funds remaining in the SSA will revert back to the Troop. Special circumstances will be reviewed by the Troop Committee on a case by case basis for scouts if needed. Extensions may be granted under special circumstances.  

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